Physics being a subject having a tough reputation due to it’s a lower memorization base in comparison to other technical subjects requires critical thinking skills in linking concepts into a unified vision. In order to succeed parallel, effective study strategies are required in the process of mastering and learning the subject.

Complied are methods extracted in providing insight into techniques used in succeeding in the learning process of basic physics.

  • Intuition – Trusting your intuition is highly important within the learning curve with application of basic common sense. Sports activities similar to throwing a ball can be utilized to define and understand curves, vectors, gravity, and force.

The process cannot be applied to advanced physics that focuses beyond daily life and experiences. The application of common sense does not apply to astrophysics or elementary particles in comparison to basics.


  • Conceptual thought process – Knowledge in physics is built on the fundamentals and principles of universal law allowing exploration of a vast variety of topics. Firm knowledge within the basics of the subject with a flexible mindset is required to understand and progress in determining how to assess rules and the application of it. The learning curve can be aided through affordable physics tuition singapore and other cities through specialists trained to instil knowledge for students.

In learning and understanding the subject, having a conceptual approach helps breaking down problems such as unified field theory or basic dynamics of force and motion. Focus on fundamentals are advised with connection to the larger perspective bring together a unified understanding of the problem through concepts. Utilization of conceptual building methods is guaranteed to assist in the learning and problem solving process within the subject.


  • Reading & Studying – Being a subject requiring complete attention, falling behind class lectures and involvement within class discussions are bound to result in failure. Scheduling time for reading along with problem solving practise on regular basis is recommended in grasping concepts along with enhancing the knowledge levels and grades. Mathematical skills are considered a prerequisite for success in physics with knowledge in algebra, trigonometry and calculus vital to the success in grasping and solving questions in a conceptual manner.

Uninterrupted study time is mandatory in the learning process of concepts. Ensuring focus fully on the study material whilst disconnecting phones and internet initially within a space providing silence is advised to start. Having a clear and open mind with a focused approach is guaranteed to achieve success within a subject that is connected to our daily lives.

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