It is almost impossible to get anything right in this world. There is a high chance that you feel like everything you do is just creating more mess than that was initially present. However, here are few principles to implement in your life, so that you do not feel helpless anymore. You are in control of your life when you start implementing these principles in your day to day life.

50/30/20 Rule

The 50/30/20 rule is a basic percentage that you should have for necessity, debts and additional expenses. Confused? When you get your salary, you are supposed to divide it into 50%, 30% and 20%. The 50% of your salary is for necessities like food, rent and other things that come under your budget in exception of debt. The 30% is for debts and loans you have accumulated. If you are the perfect person with no debts, then put this money into your savings or invest it in mutual funds or stocks.

However, there are some times when you have an emergency and had to make cut out the 30% for your debts, it is better to cut down on your budget and use the 20% from additional expenses for the debts. However, if you feel like your interests keep growing and there is literally no chance of the interests. It is better to take a fast loan Singapore and pay your vendors and just owe to one body. Thereby, you might be able to pay a steady and pay back the principle. The last 20% is for additional expenses and it is better to follow the 30 days rule when using this 20% of your salary.

30 Days Rule

The 30 days rule is very simple strategy used to control shopaholics. But, it is in truth a very good principle. When you feel like you want to buy a certain item or object, make a note of the item or the object, the place you saw it or star the website you saw the said item and place the note on a place where you can see it every day. After that, you have to wait for thirty days and look if you really want that particular item. It is not applicable for necessities but for wants like a new dress, you find on sale. It is just a way of controlling your expenditure. After 30 days, if you still feel the urge to buy the dress, go and buy that particular dress only. As tiresome and stupid as it might sound, most people have reported that after maximum of a week, they did not feel the need to buy that particular item. When your impulse to buy the said item disappears, you have to remove the note and remove the website from your bookmark.

If you apply these two principles, you will notice an increase in your savings and your debts would have paid more than you initially anticipated. However, the above said principles alone are not enough to have a better life. You need to learn to invest and cut back on your expenditure as much as possible.

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