Many women give up their education if they get pregnant when they are in college. That is because they know that they are not able to complete their course when their child is still a baby. This would only be possible if they are willing to leave their baby at daycare to attend college. But this is not something that many mothers want to do. Thus, due to this reason many women sacrifice their education in order to become a mother. However, after a couple of years, they would once again start thinking about going back to college. But even then they may think it is impossible for a stay at home mother to finish their education. That is not true. If you have the determination then it is more than possible.

Opt For An Online Course

If you want to do a part time diploma in quantity surveying you may think that you have to go to school for this. But this would not be in the books for you as you would have to look after your child. Then what you need to do is consider completing your course online. That is because in this day and age technology has developed to such an extent it is possible to go to an online college. But remember that you should not make this decision on the spur of the moment. Instead, take the time to conduct some research on various online colleges. Thereafter make sure to select a school that is accredited. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time and money to realize that your qualification is not recognized.

Be Flexible

As a mother, it would not be easy for you to stick to a particular schedule. That is because you never know when your child would get sick or when they would throw a tantrum. Therefore you need to be flexible about when you would study. Ideally, we would advise you to study when they are sleeping. That is because you are unlikely to get disturbed during this time. Furthermore, you would also have a couple of hours at your disposal. This would be more than enough for you to make a dent in your coursework.

Take Breaks

We know that you won’t be able to study for hours like a traditional student. That is because you would get interrupted by a crying baby. Furthermore, you would also have to take care of household work. But when this happens you should not get disheartened. That is because such breaks would help you in the long run. It is not easy for one to study for hours at an end. Therefore small breaks would help you focus more.

Thus, this is how you can go on to finish your college education.



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