Ordinary level examinations are the gateway to the world of major examinations. For many, it is the first examination of its kind and will be one that determines their academic record and student life. For some it is also the first real foray into the struggles of growing up where you cannot just play and have fun in school anymore but you really need to put all your effort into your studies and do your best to get a grade worthy enough to take you to the University of your Choice. So how do you prepare for this examination?

Well there are many things a student can do to study but here I have listed some of the most important things from my experience as a student that you need to know.

Understand your learning style

Many schools have a tendency to focus on just textbook learning and auditory learning when it comes to teaching the students. However no two students are alike. People learn in different ways and it is important that you find out what method suits you best because this is the one that will help you understand the subject and recall what you study with ease. Some students learn better by watching videos where the combination of animation, images, text and audio helps them understand the subject at hand. Others may prefer kinesthetic learning where writing down what has to be studied helps them remember better. Therefore you need to understand the best learning style that suits you and then use this method to study.

Prepare early

This is the most important thing you need to do, start preparing early. Even if you think you remember best in the last minute, the truth is no, you won’t. when you study in the last minute, you may not be able to cover all the subjects in depth and maybe prone to leaving some chapters out. Furthermore you will be unable to remember certain definitions and theories in their entirety. You may know the gist of something but if you need to explain in depth, you are not going to be able to do well. Therefore start early using your preferred learning method.

Never be scared to ask for help

If you are underperforming in a subject and want help, never be afraid to ask for it. Many students find it difficult to score well in schools. This could be due to multiple reasons, anxiety or just simply finding it difficult to earn because the learning method used by the teacher does not suit you. By going for tuition be it, o level chemistry tuition singapore or math tuition, etc., you can get the additional help from someone who will be able to use the teaching methods that suits your learning style best. As they will be spending a few hours just dedicated to teaching you, they will patiently answer all your queries and help you learn.

So do the above and prepare for your examinations as well as you possibly can. As an opportunity once missed may never come back again or at least will cost you a lot of money.




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