Running a pre-school is a very tedious job as we are dealing with children. Children of the youngest age, beginning to read and write and perhaps even talk. Handling and teaching these very young children the most basic things can be quite challenging.

Often as teachers of preschool students its quite important to use creative techniques to teach the children new things.

For example: to teach the alphabet, we can use phonics (phonics and reading classes singapore) where the children will begin to associate a word with the sound of the letters and learn to read and write. Teaching classes with different innovative techniques is essential to keep the child interested and also it helps for the child to remember.


Motivating the children with gifts as a reward for their accomplishments is also an excellent method of teaching. Children easily associate pictures with words and as a good teacher it is our duty to employ this tact to teach them how to read and write.


In many ways it is easier than running a high school, and in many ways it is tremendously hard. For one thing, high schoolers know what to eat and what not to eat, they also know that they are not meant to stick their fingers in electric sockets. Advantages would be that pre-schoolers don’t tend to talk back and they most certainly listen to what they are told – for the most part anyway.


Pre-schoolers need more care and attention compared to high schoolers and they take a bit of time to learn something new.


The responsibility of numerous youngsters are in the hands of the teachers that run the pre-school, therefore, when choosing the staff, special attention needs to be paid. The teachers chosen need to be very patient and from a background of childcare, they should be empathetic and kind towards the children.


The location of the preschool needs to in an area easily accessible by everyone. It must not be near water bodies such as rivers or lakes. The area should be quiet and homey and easily reached by parents.

When setting up the pre-school, it must be done so in a manner that appeals to children, with many vibrant colors and shapes etc. It is also necessary to set up a play pin for the children with safe outdoor activities that the children can enjoy. In preschool the disciplining of children begin, they are taught how to work on time and be punctual, qualities that will be valued in all stages of their life.

Overall, running a pre-school can be a very fulfilling yet responsible job.

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