When it comes to the field of education and medical research, the Aga Khan University of Pakistan certainly has a major role to play. The most advanced and the critical research is done at this university  and the highest quality education is provided to the doctors and the nurses who are training.

The reason behind the great success of the university lies on the philanthropist, Bashir Dawood and the family who has donated a great deal to the university to provide the state of the art facilities and the quality education to the students with talent and big dreams. These are some of the steps that has been taken in order to develop the Aga Kahn University in order to create the most successful and the biggest medical research center and the university in Pakistan:


The donation of the state of the art equipment

The field of medicine is a field that keeps on developing. There is no development to the field of medicine without the needed medical equipment. Therefore, you should always focus on getting the best in terms of the equipment. The Dawood foundation has taken the needed steps in order to provide the nectary equipment to the Aga Khan University which raised it up to the stage of being the best in Pakistan and also in the region. The contributions that has been made by the Dawood foundation has certainly created the best for the Aga Khan university and has aided it immensely to become the best in the field.

The building named Dawood

Due to the contributions that were done by the Dawood in order to develop  the university, there is a building that is honoring Bashir and Mariyam Dawood. This shows the great contributions the family has made into bettering the education in Pakistan. With the donations that has been made to the hospitals, the students are given better faculties to work with intruder to better their future. With the great contributions that has been made to the university, more and more students can be accommodated in the uni and they are given the chance to use the cutting edge technology that makes their learning experience truly extraordinary.

The Dawood family has brought about immense support to the educational and many other fields in regions all over Pakistan. Hence, they are known to be respected and known around the world. The contributions of the Dawood had made the world a better place and yes, it has definitely brought about the best for those who are in need.



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