When I started to think of the reasons why education truly matters to us, all my memories during my school years went back. I used to spend lots of hours doing my everyday assignment and researches. I wake up at 5:00am and get ready for school. I remembered everyone in the school, our daily activities and all the fun! I definitely enjoyed my school years. I focused on my studies as i was very determined to succeed in life. There are challenges along the way but if you believe you can, you can! Below are some reasons why every child should be send to school and finish their studies.


Knowledge gain

Education can provide us all knowledge and information we have to learn about this world. From simple alphabets to different science formula to solve every problem can be learned in schools. It develops us on how we should see and understand the world. We will gain confidence to create our own opinions and to have different points of view in life. Though every ideas and information in every subject can be found in textbooks, having good education still matters as children can enjoy learning at school with schoolmates and teachers doing everything together in able for every student to learn. Education is for everyone and there is no single child that should be left behind.


Social skills development

Being in a class can develop a child’s social skills. They can learn how to communicate verbally and non-verbally through actions, body language and different school activities. Every child will have strong interpersonal relationships when surrounded by different children and do tasks together.

Joining extra curricular activities or by simply playing with classmates and friends after school hours can make it easy for every child to communicate and talk to different person. A simple smile and hello can start building friendship. Also, having good charisma to people can help a child become successful someday as it will be very easy for them to work with a team.

Building goals

As a child enrolled to a school, he/she will start to play, learn and enjoy with friends. While learning they can understand what position he/she is in getting knowledge and the child will learn eventually how to grab the top position. When playing or doing school activities, every child will understand the logic to win it and then slowly they can learn building goals at an early age. But every parent should instill to their child’s mind that education is not just to obtain high grades or ranks but to get wisdom out of it. It is important that children are aware on the importance of studying and on how they can use it in real life and their future endeavors.

Good future

In able to gain respect from this society, you should be well-educated. To get a fulfilling and prosperous life, every child needs to study and obtain a good job to be successful in their own lives. Education will help you to earn money and be able to afford life’s basic needs. You can be whoever you want and obtain great position, have career growth and fulfill all your dreams in life.


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