In some of the Asian countries like Sri Lanka, even tertiary education has become a free right. That is one of the best examples that can be shows to showcase the Asia’s priority for education. If you are someone living in Malaysia, with a child whose education is to be started, the biggest challenge that lies ahead of you is the choice of the school; whether it is going to be local or international. In this article, we are going over 4 points why you should consider the second option.

  • Better curriculum over the national ones

Naturally, one could argue the need of a something like a curriculum of British standard as long as the ideal content is being taught. But what decides whether the taught content is up to the standards is not is that label of the curriculum. Whilst most of the national schools are following the subject matter, the international institutes are following the internationally recognized curricula. This allows your children to adapt themselves adapt quickly for higher education as well.

  • Chances to be language proficient in a better extent

Malay is the national language of Malaysia; but when it comes to the global context, it is almost as if that language is only spoken within the borders of the country. On the flip side, being language proficient is essential when tackling higher goals as people who are growing in this global village. When you child is growing in an international school in malaysia, they will have the chance to learn in English, and also learn other languages that are important to their lives.

  • Learning how to deal with people from different cultures

Schools like these are made to bring a multiple number of cultures together. In addition, the parents of the children who are attending these schools are from good family backgrounds with respected jobs in the society. When your child is blending amidst all of that, he or she will grow in such a glowing way that the last thing they will ever be is racist. It helps you to be better human being and not be victimized of cultural shock.

  • Opportunities that are unique only to this kind of schools

Some local schools lack the facilities that international institutes bring to the table by default. These could be based on sports, societies and whatnot, but the bottom-line is that your child deserves all of that. Opportunities like these help your child to grow in a way it is easier for them to win better in the community.


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