The hospitality industry is one that attracts many job seekers. The reasons why are because it is not seen to be as strenuous as jobs in other industries and it gives an opportunity for people who are not equipped with adequate skills to find a job. The increased amount of people being interested in getting a job however has led to a highly competitive market for not just job seekers but hotels too. At the end of December 2017, there were nearly 420 licensed hotels in Singapore.  When combined with other places that offer rooms to stay in but are not licensed that number is only expected to grow. However only a handful of these hotels will actually pay their employees very well but they wouldn’t hire people who are unskilled.

If you do not have a degree or even a diploma in hospitality, you would not be able to find decent jobs in any of the better hotels. Even 3 star hotels will think twice before hiring you for a proper position in the hotel. This means you would have to work in hotels that are 2 star or lower which in return means you would be paid less for what you do and have little to no employee benefits. Furthermore if you wish to work and gain experience and then be hired by a better hotel, that would take many years and even then there is no certainty regarding a better job.

The reason why the hotels with more stars are so focused on hiring employees who have been trained and are qualified to work in the industry is simple. it is the belief that the more qualified the employee is, the better they are at the job and this reasoning is quite valid. When you do a diploma or a program in hospitality, you learn about the industry in more depth. You learn about what you need to do, how to respond and industry changes, etc., there is so much you learn in not just a theoretical way but a practical one too. So when you have the knowledge you will be able to put it to good use therefore you would treat customers in a much better manner and do your job well too.

An employee in a hotel is not just doing a job, they are practically the face of the hotel. Everything they do reflect on the hotel and its values. So when they behave and communicate properly and cordially with customers while making sound decisions, it makes the hotel as a whole seem like one that cares deeply for its customers.

Considering how competitive the market is in Singapore, hospitality and customer service matters a lot. It could literally either make a hotel more successful or make it bankrupt. Therefore employees need to be skilled enough for the job. They can’t afford to make many mistakes. This is why they are paid better and have more work benefits than their contemporaries in hotels that are not as reputable.

Therefore if you wish to get a good job in the hospitality industry, enjoy work benefits and higher income with a greater potential to grow, you need to enroll in a recognized hospitality training program and get the necessary qualification.

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