The hospitality industry is one that is focused heavily on customer satisfaction. The reason is simple, it is very consumer oriented and deals on a one on one basis with the customers. In the manufacturing industry, unless the company has retail stores, they do not interact directly with the final consumers, maybe with the distributors but not with the final person who is going to enjoy the product. However in the hospitality industry it is different, the one providing the service is expected to interact with customers, maybe not the ceo but managers and employees are expected to communicate with customers, they are part of the service being provided therefore the way they communicate with the consumer and behave will decide whether the consumer will return to use the service or go back and actively discourage others from using it. Therefore it is necessary that those working in this industry are trained well. Here are a few reasons why.

It reflects well on the Hotel or Service

When an employee behaves well with the consumers and is trained to handle their responsibilities with diligence and cordiality, the consumers will have a good impression of them. This impression could influence how they feel about the service or hotel as a whole. What earns a consumer’s respect and good review could even be something as small as Complimentary chocolates or a warm greeting. Just like that what makes a consumer upset could be as simple as late housekeeping or a frown.

It ensures that behaviour and responses are standardized across all employees

Nothing is guaranteed to irk a consumer more than being told one thing by one employee and something completely different by another. The same goes to behaviour, if they are provided with certain services by one employee and then refused by another. This is so because it creates confusion and can make the consumer feel like they are being fooled. When employees are trained their responses and behaviour will be standardized to an extent therefore it would not cause unnecessary confusion for the consumers.

It helps the hotel or service provider seem more reputable and better than the competition.

When you provide training to your employees and they receive qualifications such as certificates from wsq courses in singapore, this can be used to promote the company as being one that provides training to its employees and holds customer satisfaction in high regard. Therefore consumers will be more likely to use your service than others.

Therefore ensure that your employees are trained well and are hospitable to the guests. As they are the face of the company and every interaction they have with the consumer reflects on the values of the company itself.

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